Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A day at Grandma's

Since Don has now been called up to active duty for the foreseeable future (orders are until the end of September, with a likely extension until at least the end of the year), we have been able to go up with him sometimes and spend the day in Omaha with my Grandma. She is a widow and although my uncle Rod and his young son visit daily, she does get very lonely. The kids love to take games to teach her and she always takes us out to lunch. Abby has become a pro at sleeping on the floor in her bedroom and I usually catch a few winks with her.

Yesterday, we visited her. I brought the laptop to show her pictures that we've taken the last year or so. It works nicely because they are a bit larger on the screen. Anyway, while we had the Mac out, we thought we'd show her Photo Booth.
She thought it was pretty amazing. Isn't she a handsome woman?
Meagan was feeling a little "shrunken". I think it was something she ate.
Caleb was deep in thought. He's such an intellectual.
Have I mentioned how strong I'm becoming? It's from all that milking, hammering, and grain milling.

Aren't we a lovely bunch?

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