Wednesday, June 11, 2008


There is a saying that in order to build a fence that will hold goats, you must build one that will hold water.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Goats are also known as escape artists. Goats are agile, stubborn, and exceedingly curious. They can jump, climb, and also manipulate things with their lips. We've been told that a latch on a gate must be operated by 2 hands, on the outside, and down at least 18 inches from the top of a solid gate. Otherwise, the goats will work that latch until they figure it out.

Until now, we just chuckled at these people. They must have goats that just aren't as well-behaved as ours, right? We raise our goats like we raise our children - to be obedient. Surely they wouldn't torture us by getting out every stinkin' chance they got. And they hadn't. Until now, that is.
Before now, one may get out, but it was always an accident. Usually, they got too close to the electric fence and when they were shocked, they darted into the fence and ended up on the other side. Since goats hate being alone, they'd just stand there on the other side of the fence and "maaaaa" until we came out and took them back in.

Now, however, they've figured it out. We've been beaten. All four of them can escape and they do it with such regularity that I may as well just stay outside and wait for it to happen again. Occasionally, as we're getting the last ones secure in the fence, the first ones are getting back out!
I guess I need to get started on that water-tight fence.

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