Monday, March 31, 2008

March Egg Tally

It's been a busy month for the chickens. Caleb has been recording our egg haul every evening, so I thought I'd reprint it here:

1-oops...forgot to write it down!
2-19 eggs
3-11 eggs
4-11 eggs
5-14 eggs
6-14 eggs
7-oops again
8-16 eggs
9-23 eggs
10-17 eggs
12-19 eggs
13-9 eggs
14-10 eggs
15-13 eggs
16-19 eggs
17-27 eggs
18-19 eggs
19-forgot again
20-22 eggs
21-23 eggs
22-19 eggs
23-17 eggs
24-18 eggs
26-22 eggs
28-23 eggs
29-14 eggs
30-25 eggs
31-52 eggs
Total recorded eggs-476
Estimated total including days missed-580
Current number of eggs in the fridge-205
Number of eggs consumed for breakfast-8, or 11 if Don is home

If you think that something wild must have happened today with the egg numbers, you are right. We found a stash of 22 eggs in the corner of the barn. Thankfully, it has been plenty cool and they should all be fine for eating. There isn't a broody hen in the bunch, so they should not be developing at all. I know they haven't been there for more than a week. But, since we don't know what days they belong to, they all got recorded for today.

Many eggs had also been fed either back to the chickens or to the dog. The hens have been, well, creative in their laying. Many eggs have been laid on the floor of the garage or in 50-lb boxes of nails. Because of this, they end up cracked. If the membrane is intact so that it hasn't all leaked out onto the floor (or in the nails...yuck!), I take the cracked egg in, cook it up, and feed it back to them. They love it and it's not getting wasted.

We've been enjoying the bounty around here. Souffle anyone?

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Prairie Chick said...

Oh wow, what a haul! And I was thinking 3 laying hens would be tops for us??!! :D (mostly because chicken manure is the ONE thing this prairie girl can't stand the smell of...