Sunday, March 2, 2008

I can be pushed only so far

Our 2 mean roosters went from this...
to this...

We had enough. When you need to pick up a weapon whenever you leave the house to protect yourself from your own farm animals, there is a big problem. These two just kept getting more and more aggressive. And from my reading, it doesn't get better. You can't convince them that the don't want to attack you. And roosters are capable of some pretty serious injuries as they like to go for the face with their spurs. They've been known to put out an eye.

So, they got two free tickets to that wonderful place called "Freezer Camp." It's a trip of a lifetime, I would say. After they were gone, we all marveled at how peaceful the yard was now. Meagan even went to collect eggs without a big stick in her hand. I know they'll taste good.

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