Thursday, February 7, 2008

Legislative Day

We spent yesterday at the Nebraska State Capitol building. The NCHEA (Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association) organized a Legislative Day. The goal was twofold. We were to learn a bit about Nebraska's legislative system and we were to express our opinion about LB 1141 to our senators.

We were able to meet with Senator Heidemann from our district for a few moments and were encouraged to learn that he agreed with us: LB 1141 is a bad bill. He will not support it.

But even more encouraging was to hear that Governor Heineman is also opposed to the bill and assured us that if it happens to arrive at his desk, he will veto it.

NCHEA estimated that about 600 homeschoolers were there at the capitol. That is amazing and also a bit ironic since the public schools were closed yesterday due to snow. Even though we learned that this bill will not become law, it was so important for us to be there to show the representatives that we are here, we are involved, and we feel strongly about protecting our rights. I'm sure this will not be the last bill to be introduced that will threaten us.

Of course, there has to be one in every crowd. Almost everyone was dressed nicely, well-groomed, ready to present a good image. Then, there was the guy in a sandwich board sign. It was like right off the streets of Manhattan. The board said something about the eternal fires of hell. I can't imagine that even one person in the history of the world has ever been brought to salvation with the help of a sandwich board sign. I really don't see the point. Unless the point is to show your lunacy. Because that worked.

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thepatriot said...

I was also at Legislative Day, and agree it was encouraging to be around so many attractive and mature homeschoolers! I am so thankful the snow wasn't bad enough to keep us away. ;)