Saturday, January 19, 2008

Water...who needs it?

Our kitchen remodel is well underway. Today, we took the plunge. Wow, what a bad choice of words since the water is currently OFF to the entire house!

We got to the point today where we had to dismantle the wall that includes the sink & dishwasher. Unfortunately, the sink was not installed with its own shut-off valve so the water to the entire house had to be turned off.

Which means we all have to hold it until tomorrow until Don can put on some shut-off valves and get the water back on. No, no...just kidding. I did have the presence of mind to fill up the tub with water so that we'll have something to pour into the toilet tank to flush with. And, I filled up several pitchers to stick in the fridge for drinking.

What I did forget, unfortunately, was to wash Abby's diapers. She has only a handful left and the pail is full. So, I hit the grocery store and bought a pack of Pampers to tide us over. But, we are still under a time limit because those diapers can't sit there in the pail for too long before they grow legs and attack us in our sleep.

What will get me through this trying time is thinking about how beautiful this kitchen will be when we are done and how much cabinet space I will have. It's a vision even better than sugar plums.

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