Sunday, November 11, 2007

Engagement - an off & on situation

"Disengage! I repeat, Disengage!"

Any idea what movie that line comes from? It's from the movie Incredibles when ElastiGirl is flying the plane and Syndrome has shot missiles at her. That was the movie line that kept running through my head yesterday afternoon.

I promise, I have not watched that movie within several months. But, somehow, Abby got it into her head to disengage.

A week ago Saturday, her head was engaged and she was ready to go. Yesterday, she had moved BACKWARD and was no longer engaged and higher up. Ugh!

Today is her due date. Don still has hope...I've been VERY clumsy today and, while we were out in Lincoln, we heard the Johnny Cash song "Ring of Fire", which can only be a sign of things to come!!

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