Monday, November 5, 2007

Doll bed makeover

Well, I thought today would be the big day, as I was awakened by contractions last night. As I was laying there timing them (they were wildly unpredictable, by the way) and wondering what to do, I decided that I would try to go back to sleep and see if they woke me up again. Well, here I am. They did not wake me back up. I'm a little disappointed, but it does mean that I was able to finish this project that I had going on...
This is an antique canopy doll bed that Don's mom gave to us a while back. It had been stored away because Meagan was just a little too young for it at the time. Then, with our moving into a rental, it REALLY got stored away. Well, now that she has her American Girl doll, I thought it was a perfect time to bring it out.

But first, it needed some updating. The linens it had were clean, but quite old. And the mattress and pillows were all but falling apart. So, I bought some new foam and fabric and got to work. I used the old pieces as a sizing guide and just pretty much was winging the whole thing. I'm immensely pleased with the outcome, though, and know that she will adore it. I mean, it is pink, after all!
It will be Meagan's big Christmas gift from us this year. I can't wait to see her face when she sees it!

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