Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The baby waiting game continues

I know, I know...it isn't even her due date yet. But, I've felt ready for a while now. And as she continues to get lower, it continues to get less and less comfortable. I'm walking like I've just finished a looooong trail ride on horseback. My belly sits on my lap, and if I spread my legs out, will even rest on the couch between my legs! I don't think she can get much lower without actually coming out!

Though I'm not planning on an official induction with this baby, I am willing to try some of the suggestions that I've heard or read about to get things moving. Of course, simply by where we live, I get to try the "riding on bumpy roads" method often. Two to four miles of it, depending on whether I head north or south out of our driveway. Today, I tried the "spicy foods" method while we were in Lincoln. I opted for a spicier meat when we were at Chipotle. And while it made my nose run and my head sweat, it did not seem to accomplish anything else. My favorite method is the "gorge on peanut butter cups" method. People swear by this one. And while I secretly think it's just an excuse for sweets, I mentioned it to Don and when he came out of the gas station yesterday, he was carrying not one, but two, King-sized packages. What a guy!

The funniest part is that whenever I call anyone, they expect it to be "the call". I basically have to say "Hi, this is Gina-No-I'm-not-in-labor. I was calling to..." I can't imagine what it will be like if I actually go PAST my due date!!!

And, just so you know, I'll have to be pretty desperate before I try castor oil.

Stay tuned...

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