Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Here we are entering Nebraska! Ready for the good life!
We camped out in the house for several days until the truck arrived & was unloaded. The kids used sleeping bags & for the first few days, slept in what was to become the dining room.
This was the view from our front porch one of the first few mornings.
Caleb loves to climb this tree in our front yard.
Meagan hasn't quite ventured far up in the tree, but under the tree has become their favorite play area. The grass is VERY soft there & it provides lots of imaginary play as well.

Here are the chicks shortly after unloading them.
This is a close-up of one of our "Naked Necks". At first, we thought something was wrong with them, but we looked it up & they are called Turkens. They will grow up to be quite ugly, looking more like a turkey from the neck up than a chicken. Actually, they are a wee bit ugly now, as far a little puff balls go, with the bare naked neck & little tuft on their head.
Here they are at the feeder. They like to try their hand at roosting on top, which means we scoop out some poop when we we refill the feeder. They did catch on to eating from the feeder very easily.
And lastly, here is a shot of a few of them who have uncovered the bottom of the trough & are pecking away at the shiny surface. Chickens definitely like to scratch the ground & when their wood shavings aren't very deep, they uncover the bottom easily.

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JennR said...

WOW! You have trees... and green ones at that... That sunrise is a picture perfect view! I am jealous1 Alright, I am not... I am just happy for you... I like the wod floors in your house!!!