Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Greetings from the middle of nowhere

And if you don’t think it’s the middle of nowhere, just try getting internet service out here! It’s been an ordeal. But, we are finally up and running (and the twitch in my eye is finally subsiding).

I had started to write some blog posts in Word while waiting for internet service, so if you’ll look below, there they are, dated when I wrote them, though they’ve all been added today.

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Jenn R said...

Hey there! I emailed you first before I read your blog! I am so excited for you! I really do miss you though. I wish I could see you and talk about all the cool things we did in person. I also wish I could see you guys in your new life. Maybe one day the girls and I could come for a visit. The chicks sound cute! I am so happy for the kids and all the adventure that they are having! I am glad to hear that Dono has a job! WooHoo! One thing though, God is on your side and will take care of everything! How are you feeling with Abby and all??? JennR