Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chief Wahoo, the great hunter

Ok, first I need to deal with this name. We have a black cat who claimed our property long before we did. The previous owners named it Chief Wahoo. Why? I don't know. I did a little googling & only found references to the mascot for the Cleveland Indians. I had been thinking there must be a Native American Chief named Wahoo from the past, because there is a town in Nebraska named Wahoo. I had been thinking they were both named after some famous chief. But, I couldn't find that. I only found the Cleveland Indians. Strange, not only for the obscure reference, but because she is a GIRL! So, we have a mama cat named Chief Wahoo who has adopted us.

She is a very friendly cat. She often comes running to greet us when we open the door and likes a good scratch. We weren't sure if she is the mother of the kitten that showed up quite early after we arrived, but we are pretty sure now after last night.

Last night, we were sitting outside in the cool breeze and looking at the enormous pile of supplies for Don's garage project (another post, another time). The kitten was sitting with us mewing, but not getting too close. All of a sudden she takes off & we see that she is running to greet Chief Wahoo, who is coming in from out in the field beyond. The two of them trot up the front walk together, and by now, we can see that Chief Wahoo has a prize in her mouth. We got up to see what it was that she was bringing & it was a mouse. She dropped it, and the kitten grabbed it and devoured it just a few feet away. Chief Wahoo didn't get a bite. That sure sounds like mother cat behavior to me. Anyway, we praised her mightily for her hunting skill and thanked her for one less mouse to get into the house or barn.

Now, if she just had a better name.

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