Friday, August 10, 2007

A time to remember

One of the things the kids absolutely love is for me to reminisce about their babyhood. I get bombarded with questions and rewarded with laughter.

I tell Meagan about the time she swiped an apple an hid behind her bedroom door to munch it down. She was about 14 months old & it's one of her favorite stories. Incidentally, she also ate the entire apple - stem, core, seeds, and all. I tell her about how she called her pacifier an "uh-oh". And how she called her best little buddy Ethan "Nay Nay" and he called her "May May". I tell her about her first word (banana - the girl liked fruit!) and her first haircut. I tell her about how we once tried to get a dog and though Caleb was scared witless, she would throw back her head, laugh, and let the dog lick her silly. I tell her how we found her several times sitting in the bathroom sink trying to brush her teeth (or tooth, as the case may be).

Caleb likes to hear about how he added a consonant, any consonant, to any word that started with a vowel. Apple became "Bapple", Oma & Opa became "Goma & Gopa", etc. He called HIS pacifier a "Fa Fa", by the way. He likes to hear about how he liked to stick his chubby little legs out through the slats of the crib and then cry when they would become stuck. But, then he'd do it over and over and over again. He loves the story about how he once climbed out of his crib after we put him to bed and fell asleep on a huge pile of toys. He likes it when I tell him about the time I was pregnant with Meagan and we had given him a doll to be "big brother" to. He was rocking and kissing the doll and then all of a sudden put her in the rocking chair and sat on top of her. We were a little worried about his childcare skills at that point.

Just a few days ago, I was telling Meagan about how we taught them both baby sign language so that they could tell us what they wanted before they were able to say it. We didn't do a whole lot of signs. Just Please, Thank you, More, All done, and No. But, she has been practicing them ever since because she cannot wait to teach them to Abby. I'm sure Abby will have no lack of stories told to her about her babyhood. It'll be a whole lot easier for these young, fertile minds to remember stories than relying on my mind which seems to be heading downhill in the memory department. She's a lucky girl.

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