Saturday, July 28, 2007

So I get to have an ultrasound after all...

I went to the OB on Thursday again. The third doctor I've seen in 3 visits. But, anyway, this one was very personable. He ordered an ultrasound and I'll be going in on Tuesday.

It was going to be so easy to go ahead with our plan to not find out the gender of the baby when we weren't going to be seeing an ultrasound. But now... Let's just say that neither one of us are really very good at waiting. At least I can usually wait until a person's actual birthday to give them presents. Don is usually begging to celebrate early. For every birthday & every holiday. Delayed gratification is not his strength. The kids both really want to know too. But, they also both have very strong opinions about which gender would be better. I hate for them to spend the rest of this pregnancy with dashed hopes. Once the baby is born, I can't imagine it'll matter much to either one of them.

If we do find out, we are not planning on spreading the news around. In fact, we were thinking that this might be a test of which of our family & friends actually READ our blogs. We could only post the info on our blogs. That way, only those family & friends who read would know. Well, them and the perfect strangers who visit. And really, who doesn't want the whole "perfect stranger" aspect involved in the revealing of personal information???

So, stay tuned. Come Tuesday, there will be an announcement of some sort. Of course, it may just be "Nanny, nanny, boo boo...We know and you don't!" I know the suspense will kill you.

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