Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Babies don't stay babies forever, you know

Today, my youngest baby girl is 6 years old. Holy cow, where does the time go? Anyway, as is our custom, the day belongs to her. She got up early to open presents. Knowing what most of them were, I made her open the one from Grandpa last. To keep her focused. So, she opened all the other presents first and then opened Grandpa's. I think the clock stopped when she opened that one. I think, in fact, that the earth's rotation went a little in reverse. I'm talking major cosmic event here. She received her beloved American Girl doll, Elizabeth. The other presents? Well, what other presents? She only has eyes for Elizabeth.

Anyway, she did let go of her doll long enough to eat her special breakfast order of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, and fruit smoothie. (By the way, for those of you concerned about my going back on nutrition here, it's nitrite-free turkey bacon from Trader Joe's!) She was delighted. And, then promptly went back to Elizabeth. The two of them are currently now watching a movie together. Oh yeah, and Caleb's there too.

They (I mean Meagan and Caleb, not Meagan and Elizabeth) have Vacation Bible School today. After that, Meagan has requested lunch at Peter Piper Pizza. For those not in the area, Peter Piper is a kid's paradise of greasy pizza, arcade games, and a huge play structure that allows even us cheap parents to let their kids have some fun. She has informed Caleb that any and all extra tickets or tokens found today belong to her.

After lunch, I will take her to Children's Orchard. She received a gift card for there so that she can buy her own clothes. She loves to shop for herself. When Don was in Iraq, he left her a Gap gift card to go shopping with. She STILL calls the dress she bought with it her "credit card dress" and frankly, Don and I believe that she wouldn't be all that broken up if he deployed again, as long as she got another "credit card." Anyway, as luck would have it, they are having a big sale today with many things marked at $1. So, if she plays her cards right, she could walk away with a nice little stash of "credit card" clothes. They also sent her an email for her birthday for a free gift, so she can't wait to go in & clean up!

There are several hours in there that were not specifically planned out, but I'm sure she and Elizabeth will think of something. For dinner, though, she requested Spaghetti Pie. Her favorite meal. And actually, quite healthful. After dinner, again, no specific plans, but I have no fear that she'll be sitting there twiddling her thumbs and staring off into space. Elizabeth wouldn't think of letting that happen, you know.

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