Monday, July 2, 2007

It's the little things

Packing. There is just something about it that thrills my compulsive, anal retentive, organizational little heart. We realized that we have only about 10 weeks before we move and since we are moving ourselves, I can really start packing in earnest. The weird thing is that I don't mind boxes lining every wall. Just the fact that I get to tackle box after box, fitting things in perfectly, creating a nice comfy padding for everything, and completing each one with the wondrous sound of packing tape. It makes up for the cluttery look that is becoming my house. But the packing? It's heaven, I tell ya.

We were debating last night as to HOW to get these wonderfully filled boxes to NE. As I'll be about 8 weeks from my due date, I do NOT want to be in the driver's seat for that long, which would be the reasonable thing when we have to get our 2 cars plus junk there. I think we figured out a plan, though, involving Don driving up a little earlier with a loaded pickup truck and then flying home for the last of week of work. Then, we both drive the van up together. Meanwhile, a U-pack truck will be hauling our junk. They are actually cheaper than the UHaul truck alone, not to mention gas at 6 mpg. And, most importantly, I don't have to drive in my enormo state. That makes it a SUPERB plan.

The bestest of the best part about this whole thing is that we are really, seriously, truly coming close to finally getting to our farm! Every box I pack is one step closer (which may explain why I started packing here and there several months ago!) and just a little more exciting. We're almost there.

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