Tuesday, June 5, 2007

School's out! School's out!

Well, we finished our school year yesterday. Whew, was that exciting! It's weird, though, because I've already been planning next year. It's not like I was excited to be done...just excited to be moving on. I seem to have this compulsion to FINISH things. Meagan will be spending the summer with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. She is less than thrilled, but perked up when I mentioned that once she learned to read, she could read American Girl books on her own. It's all about motivation, people.

Actually, we will be taking a relatively short summer break. We'll probably start back up in early August since we'll be moving, having a baby, and adopting this year...things could get hectic, I suppose. But, it is so much fun to look ahead at all the books we'll read this year. Caleb has quite a collection of books in front of him...18 chapter books, some of which are fairly long. The other thing I'm excited about for next year is Scripture memorization. We've done plenty of verses & even a few chapters for Caleb, but next year, I'm going to have Caleb try to conquer memorizing an entire book of the Bible. I haven't picked which one yet, but it'll probably be a shorter one (though it WON'T be Jude, as he suggests!!) Meagan will memorize Proverbs 31. I'll probably try to do both with them, but with their little sponges for minds, I'm sure they will leave me completely in the dust. But, hey, I'll get the pleasure of seeing them hide God's Word in their hearts. And isn't that worth a little humiliation??? I think so.

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