Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Itty bitty diapers

My first cloth diaper will see no messes. Meagan was having problems with her baby doll's diapers falling apart. Her doll is named Lucy, by the way, but was named long before Lucy the dog arrived and was in fact named after Lucy from Narnia. Anyway, I told her I would make her a cloth diaper & she was thrilled. We picked up some flannel that happened to be in the remnant basket at Joann's and on sale. I think I paid $.34, or something like that. It is a striped flannel in pastel baby colors. I just laid out a newborn-size Pampers and drew around it, sewed it up, added velcro tabs & it was finished. Very easy. I made a second diaper for her other doll, but that doll was bigger than I remembered & her diaper is a little tight on her.

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