Friday, September 22, 2006

Scorpion Obsession

Well, I just found #8 & #9. They were both outside & one was a itty bitty little baby. The actually cool thing is that we discovered that all this time, Caleb had a blacklight in his room in this little fingerprint kit he has. So, we grabbed the blacklight & watched those scorpions glow like mad! It was really need to see those brown little guys light up to such a neon green. Of course, we watched them glow AFTER drowning them with Raid. Last night, we actually walked through the whole house with the blacklight & looked under & around things. We didn't find any, but saw our neon Sonlight label stickers glow quite a bit on the shelves! It was a fun hunt, actually! Maybe I'm getting used to them...though I will say that little baby really made me sqeamish. It was sooooo tiny, it could be ANYWHERE without us knowing. It was less than the size of a dime! Lord, keep us safe!

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