Sunday, September 24, 2006

Reading Daniel

The kids and I have been reading through Daniel during Bible time in school. I love Daniel. It's one of my favorite books of the Bible. (is that allowed? to have a favorite? I hope so!) I love how absolutely relevant it is for today. I love how faithful these guys were in a faithless world. I love the prophecy of times that have already come to pass and I love the prophecy that hasn't taken place yet. In fact, a Beth Moore study on Daniel just started at a friend's church & I signed up. It makes Tuesdays a little crazy & hard, but man, it's worth it. And, I know God has more to teach me from the book.

Anyway, so the kids & I are reading through it too. I explained the interpretation of the dream in Daniel 2, identifying what in history has already happened. They thought it was pretty neat. Then, for history, we started in on Greek News...a book that gives the history of the Greeks in a fun, newspaper style. We got to the part where Alexander the Great conquers pretty much the entire known world & we flipped back in Daniel to re-read that part of the prophecy. What fun to see Caleb's face as he saw God's mighty power and omnipotence in it. I just love God's word. What joy there is in dwelling in it.

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