Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Some things I learned

Well, goodness, now that it's been so long since our move, it seems silly to talk about it now! So, I just mention a few things I learned during this move.

1. I can sweat a lot!!! I've been going anti-perspirant-free for over a year now (using the amazing crystal stick & loving it, BTW) and it took a while for my body to learn how to sweat again, but it sure got a sweaty workout during this move! Why, oh why, are we always moving in July in Arizona? 110 degree (or more!!) days do not make for a pleasant heavy-labor experience.

2. Cold showers are really pretty bearable in Arizona! I didn't realize that we had a gas water heater, as our lease only mentioned electric & water. So, the first day, I was running the dishwasher at the same time that I showered & thought that was the reason the shower didn't get too hot. The next day, I figured it out! All told, we went 7 whole days with no hot water. Now, with all the work we did, cold showers aren't entirely a bad idea. And, since in AZ the cold water is never really cold, it was more like pool water...a bit of a shock when you first get in, but completely fine in just a minute. Anyway, it's good now to be able to run the dishwasher & a hot load of laundry.

3. Glass breaks when it comes in contact with tile or the bottom of the moving van. We have a very large glass table top. It's 5'x5' and 1/2" thick, so it's a heavy thing. The guys let it sort of knock the bottom of the moving van when they were unloading it & it lost a sliver about 4 inches long on the side. Then, when they were putting it on the table base, they set it on the tile to rest before the final heave & a nice big chunk came off. Oh well. At least it's still usable. Maybe we won't take it with us when we move again.

4. 1750 square feet can actually feel smaller than 1500 square feet! Our new house is bigger, but feels smaller. First, it has a 4th bedroom, which we don't need. It is currently just storage...things we had in the attic or in closets of the old house. Also, it has a large formal living/dining room in the front of the house. We are sooooo not a formal-living-room type of family. I much prefer a larger great room connected to the kitchen. Anyway, all that square footage in places we don't need makes the places we DO need a bit smaller than our old house. As a plus, our front room is being used as an enormous play room. Caleb calls it his "fight room" cuz that's where he and Daddy can wrestle without worrying about hitting anything. It also gave us room to set up a playhouse that we had in storage in our old house. So, while our bathrooms, kitchen, and family room are a bit smaller, I suppose it all balances out.

5. I really miss our old house. I didn't think I would. But, man, we put a lot into that house in just those two years. The 17 tons (I'm not was literally 17 tons) of rock that we spread OURSELVES in the backyard. The sprinkler system that Don installed, with Caleb's help. The pool!!!! The master bathroom that I painted red by myself while Don was deployed (and hung in all sorts of precarious positions, wondering if the kids would remember how to dial 911). Meagan's pink walls. The pool!!!! oh, I think I already said that. What can I's really really hot & we really really miss it.

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