Friday, August 18, 2006

Scorpion #2

Ok. I am starting to get a little freaked out here. After the other night's little battle in the bathroom, I had actually started to think that maybe I had dreamt the whole thing. After all, I was barely awake. Well, we found another one. Jeepers! This one was in our hallway right by the door frame. I glanced it out of the corner of my eye & figured it was a cricket (it's cricket season here & they are just everywhere). I actually passed it by, but decided I'd be frustrated later when the cricket was chirping all night. So, I went back to look at it & ....

The internet says (and you can believe everything you read there, right???) that these creatures are loners & don't live together at all. They, in fact, will eat each other. There are many species & only a few will KILL humans. But that the smaller ones are the worst, as their venom is stronger since they don't have the same powerful pincers as the bigger ones and thus need to be able to make sure their sting kills. Soooo, good news & bad news. These are apparantly two seperate isolated incidences=good news. We have the small ones & they are more dangerous=bad news. Sleep tight, huh?

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