Sunday, June 4, 2006

House for sale

We've decided to put our house on the market now. The timing is just right, even though we won't be moving for another year. Houses sell better during the summer months & farms are normally put up for sale in the fall, so we hear. So, in order to have our equity freed up & usable this fall, we need to sell now. We'd like to just be able to keep our eyes & ears open & be ready to buy land whenever the right piece comes along. But, if we have to wait for our house to move, we could miss out. So, we'll sell now & move to a rental. (It'll also save us money as the rental prices are much cheaper than what our mortgage is, and thus give us even more to work with when the time comes to buy.)

So, here I am, moving furniture around to make the house look as big as possible, removing many of our family pictures, and getting some boxes ready to move to a storage facility in the meantime. I do NOT like clutter, so we don't have a lot of that, but we do have enough that I want to move some of it out. Mostly, we'll be moving the books & bookshelves out because they just take up so much room. It'll look a lot more spacious in here when they are gone. And I can live without most of them for a few months...I hope!

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