Saturday, May 6, 2006

Raw milk...a dream come true!

I never fully realize what a weirdo I am until I have a dream like this one...Thursday night, I dreamt that while I was at Trader Joe's buying my normal organic milk, I noticed a small label on it that said that it was raw milk. I was elated, smiling, tearing up, dancing around, and hugging my gallon of milk.

When I got up that next morning, I had a renewed interest in figuring out just how to get raw milk for my family. As far as I knew, there wasn't any place to get it here in AZ. But, I started googling & before long, came across a rather new dairy, called Creme de la Moo. They are here, though admittedly an hour away. Anyway, I was thrilled to at least have something within the sprawling Phoenix area.

Today, we went and picked up our first 4 gallons of raw milk & toured the facility. It's pretty small-time, with only 30 cows (only 24 are milked for the raw milk, though, because 4 have mastitis & 2 had received injections before they came to them.) We got to pet the calves & inspect the milking area. (Side note: They have 2 tanks where the milk goes before being bottled. They share the facilities with other farmers, with 1 tank being for their organic raw milk & the other tank for milk that will go for pasteurization. The organic milk tank is refrigerated & the other one is not. He said they don't care what grows in there since it goes for pasteurization anyway. Yuck!) The tour was great. I'm trying to get my organic produce co-op owners to think about being a distributor site for the milk so that we don't have to drive as far. But tonight, we'll sit down to dinner with big glasses of raw milk & drink up the healthy "good bugs", as Meagan calls them.

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