Monday, February 13, 2006

A treasure discovered

We have a little store near us that is a thrift shop to benefit a women's shelter. We've donated lots of things to them, but I had never been inside. Can you believe that? I've just never had that much luck with thrift shops. I'm more of a garage sale kind of girl. Anyway, I thought we'd go check it out.

Imagine my giddiness when I saw a sign over several bookshelves of books that said 10 books for $1.00! My heart started to beat fast! The regular price is $2.00 for hardbacks & $.75 for paperbacks, but I guess they were overrun by books & needed to move some. I was happy to help!

I picked up 83 books. Yep, that's 83 books for $8.30. Some I even had on a wish list, some I'd heard of, some that looked interesting, lots for the kids, including some sequels to other books we've read. I just couldn't believe how wonderful a treasure I found. I felt almost like a robber, paying so little for all those wonderful books! (It takes so little to thrill me!)

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