Thursday, February 2, 2006

Good news abounds!

We just got word that we are officially approved by the state for our adoption. Whoo hoo! Now, we are just waiting for US Immigration to send us our approval. Paper-pregnancy is way worse than actual pregnancy! I thought 9 months was long before we started this! We are at 7 months & counting & we haven't even began our official waiting stage.

We also have been working on our taxes & I got a delightful surprise that we'll be getting a significant return this year! We have it set to take the highest possible taxes out (We hate the interest-free loan the govt gets when you end up getting a refund) but still will get a good amount back. A portion will pay off some student loans, some will go toward our adoption expenses (which will be fully funded by April) & the rest will be spent on a grain mill for me & a guitar for Don. How exciting! I'll finally get to grind my own wheat & can start experimenting with sprouting/soaking & making my own bread & pasta (I have a pasta maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid). Anyway, I'm excited & have been shopping online to decide which mill to get. I'm leaning toward the Country Living mill which is a hand-crank one. Everyone I know of that has a mill has an electric mill, but for some reason, I'm thinking this might be better. Still more research to do!

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