Thursday, January 20, 2011

She talks. And talks.

One of the big things that happened while I was "away" was that Abby started talking. I mean really talking. Before, she had been a master of communication, but used almost no real words. She was able to use grunts and sounds to make us understand what she wanted to say. With amazing accuracy. To outsiders, it looked like a mystery. Like Lassie telling the folks that Timmy fell down the well.

She still isn't always clear in how she says things, but she is getting better by the day and adding new words at an alarming rate. The funny thing is that Josh is really not very far behind her. I, though, am enjoying her new-found freedom in words.

The other day, we had this conversation occur about whether or not she could join us in a game.

Abby: "Abby play too?"
Meagan: "No, Abby. You are too little."
Abby: "I'm 3! And I'm tall!"
Meagan: "Yes, you are 3 and you are tall, but you are still too little for this game."
Abby, after a moment's reflection: "I need get heavy?"

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