Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not really Halley's Comet

I could talk about the snow, but I'm in denial. Actually, it's not the snow that I mind. It's the cold that accompanies it. The high today will be 6. And that isn't Celsius. Actually, since I seem to be talking about it anyway, I'll go ahead and complain about the mud puddles inside the door melting off of boots. And remember, when I say "mud", I mean manure. It's almost more than this firstborn can stand. At least it's sunny. Though I do think it's some sort of cruel joke that the sun can be shining like crazy and still only get the temperature up to 6. That's just wrong.
At least someone likes it.

So, what I'm really going to talk about is our 2 new additions to the farm.
This is Halley. She is an 18-year-old mare who is in need of some love and attention. She was given to us because the owner is a traveling musician with his family and couldn't give her the time she needed. She needs to put on some weight, but when she does, she'll be able to be ridden. She is a sweetheart and loves a good apple.

This is Comet. Comet is not from Halley, but since the two came together, and Comet was still unnamed, we couldn't resist. Comet is an 8-month-old filly. She is completely not tame, but she seems to be a bit calmer now that she's in with Halley. The previous owner had her off by herself. She has to get older, of course, before we can break her to ride, so right now, she's just a pet. She will be great experience for us in horse training. Our ultimate goal is to own draft horses, so we felt like this was a good opportunity to get some horse experience before that.

The horses are enjoying the barnyard with the cows. Annabelle, who will calve sometime this month, Snowflake, who is our yearling heifer who needs to be separate from her mama for a little longer to make sure she doesn't continue to nurse, and our 2 Holstein oxen in training, Buck & Doe, are the cows that are normally housed in the same yard. Right now, though, we've taken pity on the usually pasture cows and let them into the yard so that they have access to the barn during the frigid, windy weather. They'll head back out as soon as the weather gets a bit more reasonable.

The cows are pretty sure we've lost our minds by putting these creatures into their turf. They were completely terrified at first, but have now settled into just giving the horses a wide berth. At any rate, they'd rather things go back to the way they were.
And yes, the horse pictures were taken before the snow!

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OurCrazyFarm said...

Yay! I am so excited for you! Congrats on the new horses! Beet pulp (soaked for several hours in warm water) is a great help in putting weight on older horses. Check to see if she has all of her teeth, also. We purchased an old horse one time that wouldn't keep weight on and later found out that she only had 1 tooth! No wonder she couldn't chew anything! Have fun!