Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Splitting wood

Caleb has been building up a nice set of arm muscles this winter. Winter is usually a slow time of the year. One in which we rest & recuperate, getting ready for the sprint through the year that begins when the first seed goes in the ground. But, this year, we have a wood stove and a pile of wood that is too big for the opening of said stove.

Enter Caleb's arms. He has been faithfully hacking away at the wood. Truthfully, he likes it. Yes, it makes him tired and yes, it makes his muscles ache. But, he gets to wear a pair of too-big steel-toes boots. Like a man. And that makes it all worth it.

Since Opa returned from a short (4 month) trip to Ukraine, Caleb hasn't been all alone out there. The two of them have worked at it together some. And if you thought wearing man boots to split wood was fun for an 11-year-old, then think about adding an Opa to that mix. An Opa with an wedge and a sledge hammer, no less.

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