Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nine months later

So, we were sitting in foster care training (What?!? Where did that come from? More later...) a few weeks ago and they were talking about the importance of keeping pictures and stories of a foster child's life so that they have something to look back on. "Imagine," the instructor said,"growing up and having no pictures from your childhood!" I leaned over to Don and said, "Josh is coming dangerously close to that." His response, in true Don form, was "Josh...which one is he again?" The short one, Don. The short one.

You see, I have taken almost no pictures over the last nine months away from the blog. I've recorded almost nothing. And I realized that I don't like it. So, I am in a search for balance. Balance between way too much time being sucked into this Macintosh friend of mine and a complete neglect of something important to me.

In order to spare you a list of randomness incorporating nine months of ridiculous busyness, I will slowly dole it out whenever I feel like it! Hey, nine months of happenings may just give me some topics for a while, right? It just may take me a bit to get in the habit again.


Lona said...

Hey! Good to see you again... Wow, did that baby grow! Lovely family.

OurCrazyFarm said...

So glad you're back Gina! I've missed you:)) Looking forward to hearing all the farm and family updates!

Rick and Mary said...

I am so BLESSED to have you back! I just loved keeping up with you and the kids, and all that goes on for you. Looking forward to your sharing....Love you so much!