Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's just grand.

Last week, I had arranged with a guy off of Craigslist that I would come and get his free upright piano. It had a few missing ivories, but it would be free. We'd just work around the "issues".

Friday night, though, Don asked me to meet him in Lincoln after he got off work. He told me the intersection, but wouldn't tell me the store he wanted to take me to. It turned out to be a music store. Ok...I thought he maybe wanted to browse through sheet music. I'm game.

But then he asked to see the used pianos they had. I gave him that look that says, "Have you lost your mind?" Didn't he remember that we were getting a FREE one? FREE. That is much cheaper than NOT FREE. He reasoned that we may as well look at them and see what was available...with all the ivories.

Anyway, long story short, this is now in our home...
The kids are having so much fun pounding away at the keys (and my ear drums). Meagan figured out which notes to play to get the first part of "Three Blind Mice", which doesn't sound like much, but it's not bad, considering she's had no exposure to a piano before.

And thankfully, I have not forgotten everything I knew. It is coming back to me. It is funny to me that I enjoy practicing now, when practicing was the most torturous thing I could think of as a child. Of course, I like onions now, too. Life is full of surprises!


Lona said...

ooooh, hooray! What a wonderful gift!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Beautiful! I love the look of grand pianos and wish we had the room for one. Our kids are forced to practice every week, too, and don't much appreciate it. Our oldest, tho, has just started taking "professional" lessons after only playing (mostly self taught) and was right on track for her level. Have fun!