Thursday, February 18, 2010


There is so much going on right now that I simply do not have the energy to write about it all in anything other than a list format. So, here goes:
  1. Our poor mac is sick. He thinks he is a PC apparently, as he spends most of the day randomly freezing up and crashing. It's a very confusing time. His doctor's appointment is Saturday. We're hoping for the best.
  2. Saturday, by the way, is my brother Bryce's wedding! He is marrying a darling woman named Tracey and we will be attending. The kids sure hope there is dancing at the reception, as they've been practicing.
  3. Early Sunday morning, we leave for Wichita, KS. Just Don, Josh, and me. Don has a convention and I get to enjoy shows, museums, and chocolate. And, we get to stay in a bed and breakfast! I simply can not wait.
  4. However, I am simply sick that Abby cannot go. I know the bigger kids will be fine (staying with Don's folks here, of course), but there is just something in my mama-brain that is going insane over the thought of leaving her behind.
  5. Two days after we return from Wichita, all of us (except Don's folks, as they get to stay behind to milk) leave to visit friends in Texas. Another wedding too!
  6. No, we don't really treat Don's folks as slaves. In fact, they've been away for a week, themselves.
  7. Valentine is the name of our new bull. Pictures will be delayed, as he is making the rounds (as I mentioned before), but I hear that he is very dark and very big.
  8. We will be opening up the "old" part of the house into the "new" just as soon as we return from TX. Everything is enclosed and insulated and the woodstove is ready to warm us. Some paint on the walls and some flooring installed and we'll be good to go. Of course, there is still lots to do in the basement, but it'll come...eventually.
  9. Since the mac has crashed no less than 3 times while composing this post, I'm thinking I'll be absent for a while. I'll try to pop in from time to time on Don's work computer, but then again, I may be having too much time on vacation to think of it! Here's hoping!

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It's me ...Mavis said...

#3... I love tagging along on my husbands business trips...He has one planned for San Francisco this summer and I'm looking forward to exploring China Town,the fabric stores and farmer's markets!