Friday, January 1, 2010

December 2009 Farm Production

Our egg production is finally up. The reason for this is twofold...They aren't leaving the coop much due to snow (which means they aren't laying eggs in odd places around the farm) and they are getting extra light through the heat lamp. I finally have eggs enough for some breakfasts again, as well as extra for baking.

Eggs collected: 273, or 22.75 dozen (almost 9/day)

Milk has been a bit of a yoyo lately. We've got lots extra due to visiting Harriet, but we've also had to bring all the cows in on some days due to extreme weather. When they are all together, Norman makes the rounds, emptying everyone out. We also had several low days with Harriet until we realized that Bert was helping himself as well! The stinker. He must be a little confused as to his role with Harriet. We are not currently milking Belle or Lily...we'll probably wait until Harriet goes home to start that. For now, they are just feeding their calves. Anyway, we've still gotten plenty of milk!

Milk collected: 1285 cups, or 80.3 gallons (about 2.6 gallons/day)
Milk sold: 2 gallons
Milk products made: 2 lbs each of gouda, queso blanco, and cottage cheese, as well as butter, ice cream, and yogurt galore

And except for the 2 new calves, that's the extent of farm production for this month! And, like last year, I'm going to include a line graph for the year. What can I say? I'm a first-born. The milk is cups and the eggs are counted singly.

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Kari said...

I don't know much about farm production, but I'm loving the new snowy picture of your family. :)

Happy New Year!