Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where's Abby?

Is that a foot?

Abby loves to tuck herself in between 2 bookcases and arrange her toys in front of her and on the shelf.

And I must say, she has a little of her big brother in her. That boy would line things up like you wouldn't believe. We'd often find lines of toys stretching across his room. Her desire to be neat and tidy, though, goes beyond that because she actually will pick toys up so as to not leave a mess.

It's OCD, but in alphabetical order like it should be.


Marci said...

Sounds like they may come by it honestly!! ;)

Gina said...

Now, now...I don't know where you'd get an idea like that. I'd like to chat more, but someone messed up my spice jars, so they need to be put back in order and I've got to get to work with my graph paper for next year's garden plans and besides that, the pictures on the wall need straightening and...