Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tuesday morning, the backhoe arrived, followed by the traxcavator on Wednesday. You cannot believe our excitement. We’ve been waiting since the week of July Fourth for this work to get started, but our unusually frequent rains this year caused our digger’s schedule to fall behind. Then, finally, he was ready to start work on our place.

The house stands ready, sans porches, to receive her makeover.

There was quite a lot of racket as our patio was torn apart and hauled off.

We are creating a very long retaining wall in order to have a walk-out basement and still have water flow away from the house.

The dirt piled up over the course of Thursday and Friday.

And the dirt pile will get even bigger on Monday when they return to finish the root cellar area and dig out a lagoon.

We now have to climb down a ladder 6 feet when we exit our house. It makes for some interesting balancing acts, especially if we need to take things with us as we leave.

It’ll be even more interesting when the cement gets poured and we either have to walk a plank over a 20-foot span or climb out a window around the back of the house!

Things are changing around here!

P.S. See my greenhouse taking shape in the background??? The clear roofing is going up!


Mrs. Trixi said...

Oh, I am so envious of it all. I would love a greenhouse. Someday!!

Nancy M. said...

It's interesting to see the work in progress! What a way to have to leave the house!