Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So, a July baby it is, then...

I seriously never thought I'd get to this point. Long ago, people used to say, "Hey, maybe it'll be a 4th of July baby!" and I'd just respond with a glare. I was not going into July. And yet, here I am.

We canceled the induction. We decided to wait and see.'s a virtue, right?


OurCrazyFarm said...

I can sympathize! Both my boys were a week late and the doctors induced me. One was too early, and the other was very ready. I am glad you chose to cancel the induction. I know how much it means for you to have this baby in God's time. It is good to see you taking your health choices so seriously. I work in the medical field and see so many people just blindly do what the doctor says, without any thought or even any idea that they have a say over their own bodies. I am praying for you and the safe delivery of this new little one:) Terri

Momma Miller said...

It sounds like you've given this some good thought and that you and baby are still going strong. I am so happy for you guys. Who knows...4th will be here sooner than we think. :wink:

Can't wait to hear the good news!!!


Nebraska Panhandle

Anonymous said...

Hey Gina!

I applaud you!! I'll keep checking for NEWS!! :) Remember they can't stay in there forever! You're doing great.


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I am pregnant with my sixth. I have been induced on 3 and went on my own for two. I went 13 days over on number 5 (all the ladies in my family do this also). At the hospital I delivered at, the nurse in charge of all nurses came into my room after delivery and said that she was so happy that I didn't let the doctor pressure me into an induction. She said a lot of the OB nurses were talking about it. That's not to say that there is never a good reason for an induction, but in a lot of cases they probably are not needed. Hang in there! My mind kept playing games on me and I kept thinking the baby will never come out! Of course, she did. Nebraska Pam

shanna said...

I went 5 days over my due date, but i have a wonderful baby girl. Good Luck!