Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No news

In this case, no news isn't necessarily good news. I haven't been quiet because I'm having a baby. I've been quiet because in the absence of a baby, there isn't anything else going on worth mentioning! I am just totally consumed with waiting. I'm now 17 days over due...but you know what? My mom went 20 days over with me. What goes around, comes around, I guess. I have taken to bring a newborn diaper, a blanket, my herbal remedies, and a couple of waterproof pads with me whenever we go anywhere farther than about 15 minutes away. The amount of contractions I've been having could amount to a quick labor, so I want to be ready to birth in the car if need be, if we're away from home. And Don doesn't even go up to do pig chores without taking his phone with so I can call him if my water breaks or something. But, for now, we just wait. And wait.


Jamie Stroupe said...

being 17 days over how do you feel? I would say that if you feel how I am reading, you sound GREAT!!

Coming from the Stroupe home!!

Anonymous said...


17 days!! And your mom was 20 days?? WOW!!! You are amazing... I know you must not feel amazing but you are. You are in my prayers. That baby WILL come... I just know it. :) I'll keep checking in. ;)

~Jill Brown

TeamBettendorf said...

You might find this interesting:

I admire you for hanging in there and not giving into social pressures to be induced because of a date on a calendar. And I bet your labor will be easy and quick. My two hour labor was one hour of nonpainful contractions, 45 minutes of being uncomfortable and 15 minutes of pain.

Post pictures when baby decides to make his/her appearance. :)