Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is NOT what I had planned

After another beautiful day of work in the garden on Wednesday, I was sort of looking forward to the cold, wind & rain forecasted for today. I relished some time inside where I could get the ironing done, get some cooking done, and, well, do a little sittin' around. Instead, the mailman brought me a present...a present of work.

Nine of our fruit trees came today. That's nine holes. Nine plantings. Nine mulchings. Nine waterings. And nine little rings of fencing.

There goes my plans. And my muscles.

Edited to add: UPS just brought 4 more. I'm going to cry.

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oceans5 said...

Good luck getting them all planted. That is a lot of trees. Be sure to take a nice hot shower tonight and that will help your back and muscles.