Friday, April 3, 2009

Holy Round Ligament Pain, Batman!

Oh, it's that time again. The time in my pregnancy where those pesky round ligaments give up on holding all this weight (all of it baby, of course!) up without complaint. The time where turning over in bed is an exercise in muffling my screams. Ah well...June will be here before I know it and I have plenty to occupy my attention in the meantime. 46 beds of dirt now, 46 beds of plants and weeds and bugs wrestling for control later. I should be sleeping so soundly that nothing could wake me, right?


Nancy M. said...

I hope the pain eases off. You do seem like you have a lot to keep you busy, lol!

Jeffrey said...

Have you considered a maternity belt?

Gina said...

Jeffrey, which I assume is actually Katie :),
Yes, I have. I do think I'll probably need one by the end, as last time, it got pretty painful. For now, though, it only bothers me in bed and I can't really see sleeping in one.