Friday, February 27, 2009

Whatever is true...

We haven't had "tv", in all its glory, since Caleb was a baby. By that, I mean that we have had a television, but haven't had it hooked up to any sort of programming. Our DVDs and our Nintendo are the only things on the screen. Even when we lived in Arizona, where basic cable was completely free (we had cable internet there & the cost for basic cable was the same as the discount for multiple services, thus making it free), we said no. The cable company would call us often to offer it, and always thought I was out of my mind to turn it down. But, in short, I didn't want any programming coming into my house that I didn't deliberately choose.

Regardless, we rely on that "blue screen of death" much more than we desire. Our DVD collection has always been quite, shall we say, healthy. But, we have begun to take baby steps toward removing it altogether. Our deadline for the day of emancipation is September, when Don's folks arrive and we lose our basement. (They plan on remodeling and expanding our basement for their home, while giving us a little extra first-floor space for a livingroom, as our livingroom is currently in the basement.) We will not be moving that tv into our new living space. I'm seriously looking forward to it.

As a first step, we decided to drastically thin out our DVD collection, using Philippians 4:8 as our criteria. Novel concept, eh?

Here is the first thinning.87 boxes came out. 87. And 2 of them are tv series. It feels so good to get rid of them. And, incidentally, I purposely did not show the spines in the photo...I don't need anyone enlarging the picture in order to read the titles and judge me! Anyway, I thought about each one and anything I couldn't justify keeping based on being noble, pure, lovely, etc., it went. Ahhh...relief.

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things." --Philippians 4:8


Red Gate said...

Congrats! I look forward to doing it AGAIN in a few years. After being completely without a TV for 2 years, we wound buying a used one when we moved out here--due strictly to environment, and only for watching videos/dvds. When we finally head to the farm, the plan is to leave the TV behind permanently. Liberating, isn't it?

TeamBettendorf said...

I dumped 130 I think it was when we moved from AZ. But now the pile grows again. Why do I do this to myself?