Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On ice

We've had several days of nearly steady snow. Not much snow, but an almost continuous dusting. It really is very pretty to see it just lightly coming down all the time. But, it's been cold.

One thing I've really grown to appreciate about Nebraska winters (at least where we are, that is!) is that you do have cold, freezing days, but they are punctuated by much warmer days in between. It is currently about 10 degrees, but it would be just as likely to have a day of 45 or 50 degrees. It just depends which way the wind is blowing. And knowing that the cold doesn't last forever makes it so much more bearable.

On the last nice day we had, we walked out to our "lonely pond". It came to be known as that because, from the road, all you can see is just one big lonely tree and it sits by this pond. The rise in the ground hides the fact that there are a bunch of trees on the back 40. Anyway, Caleb was so taken by this big lonely tree that he actually wanted to name our farm "The Loneliest Tree in the World Farm". I nixed that as being waaaay too depressing.

Though the weather was very nice, our pond is still very much frozen. I, though, being very unfamiliar with frozen ponds and their safety, only allowed the kids out on the edges of the pond. I figured wet feet wouldn't be bad if the ice broke, but I sure didn't want to have to try to get them out from the middle if it broke out there. They seemed satisfied playing near the edge anyway.Our cats go out to the pasture every time we do. And Johnny Cash, realizing he was on the other side of the pond from his buddies, took off straight across the pond. I guess the ice was thick enough for his 5 pounds or so. I assured the kids that, no, just because Johnny can walk across it without falling in certainly does not mean you can do the same.
Next on my list of things to acquire are a few pairs of ice skates and some knowledge on ice safety.


shirlene said...

That pond was one of my favorite places. I've spent hours out here in the quiet just listening, praying, watching and talking with my Heavenly Father.

OurCrazyFarm said...

You make me want to move to Nebraska! After getting through another week of cold Wisconsin nights of 30 below zero, and so much snow, I can hardly remember 45 degrees! Enjoy! We love our pond, too!