Monday, January 19, 2009

My good buddies

I have grown pretty fond of our goats. I never expected it. You see, I have always been a "cow person". You know the age-old "dog person"/"cat person" conflict? I guess this is the farming version of that. Cows are so sweet looking and have those big beautiful brown eyes. Goats were never that attractive to me. Those slitty eyes of theirs make them look, well, a little strange. They're not one of us. And you know in the Bible when the sheep and the goats are separated? Well, the goats are the bad guys. I just never expected to like them all that much.

But, I do. Perhaps the fact that I bottle-fed them throughout the night for a while when we first got them has something to do with it. Or, perhaps it is because of the time Benjamin had bloat and I spent nearly the entire night holding him and massaging his belly, encouraging the air to come out, from one end or the other.
I think, though, that the real reason I've grown to like them so much is because they like me so much.
These goats, more than any other animal on our farm, come a-runnin' when they see us. And not only do they run for us, but then they stand at the fence and call for us.
And who wouldn't fall for those big 'ole floppy ears?

Ahh, goat love...who knew?


ourcrazyfarm said...

Your goats are beautiful! There really is no middle ground with goats; either people love them, or they don't. Ours also have won many people over with their wonderful personalities.
Also, I am passing along a Lemonade Award for your blog. It is always fun to see a new post! The award is at , and you can pass it along if you'd like! Terri

Nancy M. said...

The goats are so pretty. I love cows too, but I could fall in love with a goat too, I think.