Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maternity wear

So I've been getting bigger. And bigger. Babies like to grow, it seems.

You may remember when I described my winter farm fashion? The insulated bib overalls?

Yeah, they are getting quite snug. And winter isn't half done. I'm getting a little desperate because when those bibs no longer fit, I'm going to be awfully cold out there doing chores. And apparently, the farm store does not carry a maternity line. I'm not sure why not. They could fit them in right between the enormous calf bottles with 3 inch nipples and the calf puller (tell me that doesn't make forceps look downright gentle).

Alas, it looks like I'm about to experience a more brutal side of farming...the one in which your clothes are inadequate. Or, maybe I can use this as an excuse to get out of chores through the rest of the winter. I doubt it.


OurCrazyFarm said...

Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how you're doing, and how big your tummy is getting! What an amazing time! Just curious, have you found a midwife for a home birth? Or have your plans changed for this baby? Terri

Gina said...

Thanks for asking. The short answer is, I'm working on it. My midwife from Abby's birth has been extraordinarily busy, but I'm hoping to still be able to hook up with her. In the meantime, I have an appt with her backup physician (who is also my Primary Care Manager for insurance). If I don't have something solid with my midwife by then, I'll be asking for a referral to the hospital CNMs. I still really doubt that I'll choose that route, but I figured I may as well check it out. If I'm without a midwife (unless it is the hospital ones) and decide to still deliver at home, I am seriously considering doing it unassisted. We'll see. Maybe I should give birth on the capitol steps...think that would send a message for a needed change in law? LOL!

OurCrazyFarm said...

You go girl! Love ya girlfriend! I'll watch for it in the news in a few months! :))