Sunday, January 25, 2009

Abby & the animals

Abby is a bit of an animal-magnet. When we take her out to see them, they practically mob her.Of course, whether the goats are more interested in her or her stroller is a mystery. In fact, on this occasion, they seemed to be most interested in the mail I had stuck in her stroller pocket...and in taking it out and eating it.Burt, who is usually very standoffish, even came over to check her out. Of course, at one point, he also hooked his horn under the handle of her stroller and nearly tipped her have to watch that guy.See how close he got? Though about 5 seconds later, Abby moved her hand ever so slightly and he was gone like a shot. Silly bull, scared of a baby.

Annabelle came over too. She was less curious than Burt, since she is definitely more used to people. She was more interested in seeing if Abby was good for some petting. Abby so enjoys the animals. She has the same name for all of them. Unfortunately, it is a sound akin to throat clearing and so extremely hard to try to write down. In fact, her only 2 words so far are that, which isn't even really a word, and "yucky, yucky", which she says with great huge tongue motions. But she's working on it.

Luckily, she's fine that she comes in with all manner of animal slobber all over her clothes.

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Nancy M. said...

What beautiful animals you have. And a gorgeous little girl. I love the picture of the bull with her, bet it was funny to see him running away!