Monday, December 29, 2008

The straight and narrow

Sometimes our friends are called upon to help keep us on the straight and narrow road...and out of the ditches. And sometimes they are called upon twice in less than 2 weeks.

Oh yes we did.

After weeks of severely frosty weather and a nice accumulation of snow, we had some abnormally warm weather and all that snow melted right away. Do you know what all that melted snow leaves behind? Mud. And lots of it.

We had been visiting at our friends' house...the same friends who pulled us out of the last ditch. We went home a different way after dropping something off at another house and turned on a fairly unknown-to-us road. It was rocked. Or at least it was to start. About halfway down the hill, the rock vanished leaving only mud. Just as Don was leaning over to put the truck in 4-wheel drive, we started to slosh around and came to a rest hanging off the road at a very disturbing angle, with only 2 tires touching the ground.

Feeling like we would go rolling at any moment, we threw all the kids out the door while trying to maintain balance in the truck and then cleared the truck in order to catch our breath and assess the situation. Oh, we assessed alright. And there was no way on earth we were getting out of this on our own.

I called our friends and greeted them with a cheery, "Guess where we are! In another ditch!"

They came over with their truck and tried to pull us out. Yes, tried. You see the mud was so bad that our truck just started to slide sideways, leaving it at almost a worse angle. Thankfully, there was a nearby farm with a tractor and between the tractor and their truck, we were pulled back up to safety.

Don says he's never driving again.

I say that we still have two more vehicles who have yet to get an up-close view of a ditch and why stop now? I'm so helpful.


OurCrazyFarm said...

You should have now met your quota for the year and won't have to worry about hitting the ditch anymore! Isn't that how it works? Glad your all safe! I am absolutely ready for summer and no more bad roads. Terri

Agrarian Bible said...

It was great to run across your entry in the Sonlight forums and now to have access to your blog. I am a beginner blogger, but a heart-felt Christian agrarian. Sorry to hear about your winter woes. We have purchased 26 acres in northern Missouri but haven't moved there yet. I am glad we are missing this winter!