Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are we THAT busy?

It snowed most of the day yesterday. The kind of fluffy powdery snow that just sits and blows around. It is beautiful and sparkly out today, now. Frigid cold, but beautiful.

And I've noticed something.

It looks like a marching band came through our yard. Followed by a traveling circus. Followed by a parade and a school field trip. There are literally footprints EVERYWHERE. And, may I just say, there are way to many hoofprints made by a certain frustrating young calf who has decided that the electric fence isn't his style. I had to chase him back into the yard 4 or 5 or a bazillion times.

I love looking at the footprints. They have such a story to tell. Why does that set meander in a circle? Who was walking around so much over there? When did we get so many wild rabbits running around our place? And, of course, why, oh why, is that calf out again? You can see who drags their feet and who makes distinct prints. You can see a little set of cat prints run off after a couple of kid-sized prints.

Winter is good. And it's not just because I can sleep until the sun comes up.

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Jeannette said...

I too check out footprints & animal prints after a snow fall. We live on the outskirt of a small town; so there are woods behind us. I walk my dog every morning before everything gets messy. It's neat to see so many bird & rabbit prints.