Monday, November 3, 2008

What? Isn't November a good time to add 11 new farm animals?

So we were offered an unbelievable deal on a pair of pigs, with the sow about ready to farrow. And, despite the questionable wisdom of it, we snatched them up. However, by the time we picked them up, she had already given birth to 9 of the most adorable little piglets.We haven't named them yet, partly because we haven't decided whether to keep the boar or to butcher him. At well over 500 pounds, he'd be quite a lot of meat. And though there is a risk of boar taint, we are told that he is probably young enough that it won't be bad. Right now, he's just digging up the place and causing trouble.We've tried to keep him separate from the sow and her piggies, but he keeps just plowing through the fence. He's a big boy and if he wants to get on the other side of a fence, he will. So far, he doesn't seem to be harassing the piglets, so I guess we'll let him stay. Yeah, that's it. It's our decision.The piglets are just so cute. Don't these little guys just make you want to scoop them up and make them a pet? Of course, you have to remember what they'll turn into, but for now, they are just kissable.Unfortunately, you have to be very careful when you are in with the sow and her babies. She becomes a fierce mama bear if her piglets happen to squeal and you are in the vicinity. Even if she is the one who makes them squeal, if she can get at you, she will. Don found this out when he was working on the fence. She kicked one, making it squeal, ran over and bit Don on the hip, and then chased him out of the pen. New rule: no one goes in with the sow.Abby loves to watch them. I opened the inner door and she just sat at the screen and watched, fascinated.Having pigs is going to be an experience. They are bigger than I would've ever imagined. It is sort of like having a pair of hippos in your front yard. I've heard that a boar will just continue to grow and grow given enough food, space, and time, and I wouldn't doubt it. I do love watching them is so impressive. And their contented little snorts are actually quite soothing. I just hope they don't decide to get out because I can't imagine wrangling them all back in!

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Mrs. Trixi said...

Oh, how fun. We have our first 2 pigs and I would love to keep one for having piglets but hubby would rather just buy feeder pigs to feed out and then process. They are so cute when they are that size.