Monday, July 21, 2008

First Day of School

We started school today. So, ya, it's very early. But when the temperatures are 95 degrees, what else can you do? That is, that doesn't involve profuse sweating? Besides, we want to be able to take time off in both the fall and springtimes when we are really busy on the farm and the weather is nicer.

So, a couple of stats for those one of you who care. Caleb is in 4th grade and Meagan in 2nd. They are working through Sonlight's Core 2, which is a world history core, with some extras thrown in for good measure. We usually end up enjoying the books so much that we sometimes get ahead of the schedule, so I purposely sped up the books in order to incorporate some extras. They are on their own levels for language arts and math, of course. We are changing science up a bit this year. Last year, the experiments often got pushed to the side when other things came up. So this year, we are have 4 Mega-Science weeks sprinkled through the year where it'll be All Science, All the Time. We'll prep heavily for those weeks to get everything lined up that we need and then really enjoy ourselves. Here's hoping that works.

Abby is in "Getting into Mischief" 101. She'll likely ace the program this year. As she's become mobile, my world has changed. She's not crawling yet, but on these hardwood floors, it's quite easy to scoot around. And where scooting isn't called for, she just rolls to where she wants to go. It's really fun to see.

So what does all this have to do with that ridiculous (and ridiculously cute) picture up there? It was our little break from reality while doing school today.


Shaye said...

Oh I LOVE the break from reality picture. I've been curious about the sonlight curriculum. I'll have to check it out before we start schooling.

ourcrazyfarm said...

Sounds like a great idea to start school early! We've had the same thought around here. It's hard to not be doing something constructive. I just put "school" on my to-do list! Terri

Leslie's Blog said...

Ahhhhh! This is a great picture. I've been reading some of your posts and really enjoying hearing how you are learning homesteading, too!