Sunday, May 4, 2008

Green, green grass

Every day it gets a little greener around here.

I'm not the only one enjoying the green, green grass.
The goat's paddock looks like a nicely-mowed lawn, with very distinct lines of short grass in the paddock and long grass on the other side of the electric fence. Goats are, by nature, browsers and not grazers. They prefer weeds, brush, and trees. And they do spend plenty of time eating that. But, they seem to also enjoy the grass and have done a great job of chomping it down. And they are plumping up nicely.
In fact, Honey (the blond) has been so busy eating that she has stained her lips green!

I've also been impressed with the amount of dandelions covering our property. I know some of you folks may think it's just a weed, but around here, it gives my bees something to do as we wait for the big "honey flow" to start. Also, the color is a welcome sight after a winter of dullness and gray.

Spring is such a fun time of new life and growth.

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