Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This really is the good life


Heather L. said...

Ok, I am sure you will think I am completely wacky... but I saw you and your family at Subway! I knew I recognized your face... and the reason I started reading your blog is because you live in NE. So do I... and now I found out you live nearer to me than I imagined!

I don't have a blog, but I have a CaringBridge page for my daughter Megan. www.caringbridge.org/ne/mimigracey

I love reading your blog because you are doing what I would love to do... raising your own food. We have just ventured into ducks. Not the most productive birds, but fun!

Take care!


Gina said...

I remember! Your daughter came over to check out Abby! She was so cute!

What a small world. Well, I'm glad you found my blog. Don wants to get ducks really bad. Their eggs are supposed to be even better. But, we decided to wait before adding another critter that's so similar. Good luck with your adventure!